• Daylight-Acoustic Series #3 on Black/500

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Artist: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Track: Dayman
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Pillow Talk in OKC

this is today. we miiiiiight be playing a new song. and every band on this show rules so come kick it!

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Artist: Losin' It
Track: Fuck Off
Album: Danger Zone
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Fuck Off | Losin’ It

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we’re all broken fucking people, man.

I know a lot of you have been there as well

but it is a horrible feeling to feel emotionally distanced from everything.
I want to have somebody to open up to.
any sort of relationship where I can have that.

I’ve lost the person I used to open up to. but she’s found love, like real love. so I can’t have hard feelings towards her or him. and I don’t.

I just hate being expendable.

I’ll just bite my lip, and swallow my tounge.